Volkstanzgruppe Stainz


The folk dancing group of Stainz was founded in 1977 and currently has 65 members. Up until today, over 500 persons have been registered members of our group.

The goals of the group are the preservation of folk dancing, folk songs, as well as folk music. Our dances are typical dances of the alpine regions. Based on the waltz and the polka, many cotillions have developed, combined with singing and clapping. The men perform serveral types of the "Schuhplattler" (slapping one's shoes and thighs) and master the "Peitschenschnalzen" (cracking whips) and the "Fahnenschwingen" (swinging flags).

The customary musical instruments are the "Styrian concertina" (a diatonic accordion), a dulcimer called "Hackbrett" (a diatonic string instrument, played with wooden hammers), and a double base. The "Stainzer Tracht" which is worn by the members of the group, is still used in the region around Stainz. Men wear green jackets, white shirts, black knickerbockers, blue stockings and big black hats. Ladies wear short costumes — called "Dirndln" — from different areas of Styria. The long costumes — called "Trachten" — are made of silk and brocade, and are all of the same style — only colour and design of the textile differ. They also wear different types of headgears.

Another important objective of our group is to establish relations with groups in other countries. Thus, we have already visited many groups all across Europe.

March 2016