Volkstanzgruppe Stainz

40. Gang durch den Advent
on December 17, 2022
Cooking event
with Helmut Skamletz
on November 18, 2022
44th Trachtenball
on November 5, 2022
VTG Altaussee
from October 21 to 23, 2022
in Graz
on September 18, 2022
Visit from Group Hradistanek
from Czech Republic
from August 10 to 15, 2022
July 9-10, 2022
on June 16, 2022
Katja and Martin
on June 11, 2022
Birthday of
Kurt, Paula and Peter
on May 27, 2022
Card-playing competition
at Buschenschank Klug-Voltl
on May 1, 2022
Maypole setup
on April 29, 2022
42nd Steirischer Abend
on April 23, 2022
39th Gang durch den Advent
on December 18, 2021
44th General Assembly
on September 26, 2021
150 Years
Fini, Bernd and Maria
on July 24, 2021
July 10-11, 2021
on June 3, 2021
Virtual "Sänger- und Musikantentreffen"
with Alexander Reisenhofer
Gstrichn vui and Quintett 4plus
on April 10, 2021
Wedding of
Kathi & Andi
on October 10, 2020
Grape harvest
on October 3, 2020
Visit at Lammertal
from September 4 to 6, 2020
on August 14, 2020
Musicians meeting
on May 22, 2020
Sport Shooting Competition
on March 8, 2020
43rd General Assembly
on March 1, 2020
Cooking event with Susanne Weber
on February 21, 2020
Birthday of Bernd, Carina, Rita and Stefan
on February 14, 2020
Skiing at Nassfeld
on January 19, 2020
38th Gang durch den Advent
on December 21, 2019
43rd Stainzer Trachtenball
with VTG Altaussee
on October 26, 2019
Cooking event
with Gerti Schöberger
on October 11, 2019
on September 15, 2019
on August 11, 2019
from July 6 to 19, 2019
on June 20, 2019
Genussmanufaktur Lukashof
on June 16, 2019
Birthdays May/June
on June, 14 2019
Visit from Schenna in Stainz
from May 17 to May 19, 2019
Card-playing competition
on May 1, 2019
Maypole setup
on April 30, 2019
40th Steirischer Abend
on April 27, 2019
42nd General Assembly
on March 3, 2019
Birthday of Carina, Rita and Bernd
on February 15, 2019
Skiing in Bad Kleinkirchheim
on February 9, 2019
37th Gang durch den Advent
on December 22, 2018
Birthdays Winter 2018
on December 14, 2018
42nd Trachtenball
on November 4, 2018
17th Aufsteirern
on September 16, 2018
Augustini Pfarrfest and
Jubilee of priesthood of
Priest Msgr. Franz Neumüller
on August 26, 2018
Folklore Global 2018
August 11 - 16, 2018
July 7 - 8, 2018
June 2018
Sculpture Park
June 23, 2018
Maypole setup
on April 30, 2018
Card-playing competition at Buschenschank Voltl
on April 29, 2018
Birthday of Peter, Renate and Kurt
on April 27, 2018
50 years weaving mill Strunz
on April 21, 2018
Cooking event with Waltraud Fink
on April 20, 2018
39th Steirischer Abend SUMT
on April 7, 2018
41st General Assembly
on March 4, 2018
Birthday of Carina,
Bernd and Rita
on February 16, 2018
Birthday of Hansi, Anja, Gerhard, Lara, Fini and Bärbl
on January 26, 2018
Skiing at Snow Space
on January 14, 2018
Dance with torches at the end of
"Raunacht" event
on January 2, 2018
36th Gang durch den Advent
on December 16, 2017
Birthday of Angela, Selina, Lukas, Lisa and Katja
on November 24, 2017
41st Stainzer Trachtenball
on November 4, 2017
Birthday of Jakob and Georg
on October 13, 2017
Frühshoppen auf der Naggler Alm (Weissensee)
on October 8, 2017
Birthday of Andrea, Larissa, Maria, Rosi and Gerlinde
on September 22, 2017
16th Aufsteirern
on September 17, 2017
Performance at Schilchertage
on August 13, 2017
Journey to Turku (Finland)
from July 22 to August 4, 2017
Congratulations to Josef Spieler
on July 15, 2017
Birthday of
Bernd and Martin
on June 30, 2017
Birthday of
Elisabeth, Sabine, Mario and Hubert
on June 23, 2017
on June 15, 2017
Cooking with Helmuth Skamletz
on June 9, 2017
glass-making at Grete Fasswald, Waldglashütte, high ropes course
on June 3, 2017
Card-playing competition
at Buschenschank Voltl
on May 21, 2017
Birthday of Katja, Paula and Florian
on May 19, 2017
Journey to Schenna
from May 5 to May 7, 2017
Birthday of
Renate, Kurt and Peter
on April 28, 2017
38th Steirischer Abend
(40 years of VTG Stainz)
on April 22, 2017
40 years VTG Stainz
General Assembly
on March 12, 2017
Ice stick shooting
VTG vs. MV Stainz
on February 12, 2017
Birthday of
Rita and Stefan
on February 3, 2017
Maxglaner Plattler rehearsal
with Matthias Krienzer
on January 22, 2017
Performance at Bezirksjägerball
in Stallhof
on January 21, 2017
35th Gang durch den Advent
on December 17, 2016
Birthday celebrations
on November 25, 2016
Lunch with
VTG Natternbach (OÖ)
at Buschenschank Lazarus
on November 6, 2016
40th Trachtenball
on November 5, 2016
ServusTV video shooting for
"Hoagascht" documentary
in Rachling
on October 8, 2016
Aufsteirern No. 15
on September 18 2016
Birthday of Andrea,
Rosi, Maria and Gerlinde
on September 16 2016
Folklore Global 2016
from August 11 to August 16 2016
Guided Graz tour
with Heribert Zdakmari
on 19th June 2016
Wedding of
Conny and Christian
on 11th June 2016
Maypole setup and
Birthday of
Peter, Renate and Kurt
on 29th April 2016
Card-playing competition
on 24th April 2016
Cooking evening
on 22nd April 2016
Birthday of Joachim
on 8th April 2016
37th Steirischer Abend
on 2nd April 2016
General Assembly and Birthday of
Eli, Tamara, Seppi and Birgit
on 6th March 2016
Birthday of
Rita and Stefan
on 12th February 2016
Birthday of Carina,
Bernd and Katharina
on 5th February 2016
Birthday of Hansi and Gerhard
on 9th January 2016
Congratulations to Anna Maria
on 6th January 2016
34th Gang durch den Advent
on 19th December 2015
Birthday of Angela, Katja, Selina and Georg
on 13th November 2015
39th Trachtenball
on 31st October 2015
Birthday of
Andrea, Rosi and Gerlinde
on 16th Oktober 2015
40 Years VTG Natternbach
from 9th to 11th Oktober 2015
on 20th September 2015
Folklore Global 2015
with Ensemble Garmonica
from 14th to 16th August 2015
on 11th/12th July 2015
Birthday of Hubert
on 3rd July 2015
Excursion to Ribes Fruit & Juice
and Hausmi-Beer
on 13th June 2015
Birthday of
Katja, Martin and Paula
on 12th June 2015
Wedding of Anna and Bernhard
on 6th June 2015
Cooking evening
on 29 May 2015
Journey to Schenna
from 15th May to 17th May 2015
Card-playing competition
on 3rd May 2015
Congratlations to Lorenz
on 1st May 2015
Birthday of Peter
on 25th April 2015
36th Steirischer Abend
on 11th April 2015
General Assembly and
Birthday of Katharina, Birgit, Seppi, Tamara,
Eli und Ludmilla
on 15th March 2015
Skiing at Bad Kleinkirchheim
on 7th March 2015
Birthday of
Rita and Stefan
on 6th March 2015
Birthday of
Carina and Bernd
on 30th January 2015
Birthday of
Anja, Lara and Hansi
on 23rd January 2015
33rd Gang durch den Advent
and X-Mas Party
on 20th December 2014
Schenna zu Besuch in Stainz
am 14. Dezember 2014
Birthday of Bärbl, Fini and Gerhard
on 5th December 2014
Musical in Vienna
with X-Mas Market Spittelberg
on 29th November 2014
Birthday of Angela, Selina, Katja, Georg and Helmut
on 14th November 2014
38th Trachtenball
on 25th October 2014
Birthday of Jakob and Georg
on 17th Oktober 2014
on 14th September 2014
Birthday of Gerlinde
Cakes by Andrea,
Larissa, Rosi and Maria
on 12th September 2014
Folklore Global 2014
from 13th to 17th August 2014
Return Visit of Guingoï Bédarieux/France in Stainz
Birthday of Elisabeth
on 4th July 2014
Styriarte Opening
on 20th June 2014
Performance at
Messner Würstelfest
on 14th June 2014
Performance at
Linedance meets Folkdance
on 14th June 2014
Birthday of Martin
on 6th June 2014
Do dances with GIBS exchange students from Kansas
on 3rd June 2014
Card-playing competition
on 18th May 2014
BBQ invitation of Gerhard,
Lisa and Sarah
on 17th May 2014
Birthday of Paula, Florian and Katja on 16th May 2014
Bread baking tutorial with Marlies Höfler
on 9th May 2014
Maypole setup
and Birthday of Peter, Sarah and Bernd K. on 30th April 2014
35th Steirischer Abend
on 26th April 2014
Successful Participation at Gastro Ski-WM in Ischgl from 9th to 10th April 2014
Birthday of Renate, Felix and Kurt on 4th April 2014
General Assembly, Birthday of Eli, Birgit, Seppi, Tamara and Alex am 9. März 2014
Aufsteirern Ball on 14th February 2014
Birthday of Rita and Stefan on 7th February 2014
Skiing at Planai on 1st February 2014
Birthday of Bernd, Katharina and Helmut am 24th January 2014
Steirerball of VTG St. Stefan on 18th January 2014
Gang durch den Advent am 21. Dezember 2013
Birthday of Gerhad, Bärbl, Lara, Anja, Hansi and Fini on 13th December 2013
Congratulations to Peter and Paul on 8th December 2013
Birthday of Angela, Katja, Selina and Georg on 15th November 2013
37th Trachtenball on 26th October 2013
Preparations for our Trachtenball and birthday of Georg and Jakob on 18th October 2013
Wedding party of Maria and Georg on 4th October 2013
Excursion to Mariazell on 21st September 2013
Birthday of Andrea, Gerlinde, Maria, Rosi and Larissa on 20th September 2013
Aufsteirern on 15th September 2013
50th Birthday of Fritz Klug on 16th August 2013
Schilchertage with the group from Schenna on 11th August 2013
France from 21st July to 2nd August
150 Years Bärbl, Bernd and Edi on 13th July 2013
Styriarte on 6th/7th July 2013
Performance at Stainzer Dämmershoppen on 5th July 2013
Birthday of Margot, Renate, Christian, Mario and Elisabeth on 21st June 2013
Birthday of Bernd and Martin on 14th June 2013
Weststeirisches Volkstanzfest on 24th May 2013 at Schilcherlandhof Schaar
Maypole setup on 30th April 2013
Birthday of Peter and Kurt on 26th April 2013
Card-playing competition on 21st April 2013
Cooking event on 19th April 2013
34. Steirisch-kärntnerischer Abend on 6th April 2013
Birthday of Joachim on 22nd March 2013
Genaral Assembly, Lunch and Talk about Brasil and Argentina on 3rd March 2013
Ice stick shooting VTG - MV Stainz on 24th February 2013
Steirerball in Gundersdorf on 2nd February 2013
Birthday of Rita on 1st February 2013
Dance Rehearsal and Birthday of Carina, Katharina and Bernd on 25th January 2013
Birthday of Anja, Hansi and Lara on 18th January 2013
Skiing at Turracher Höhe on 12th January 2013
Gang durch den Advent
on 22nd December 2012
Birthday of Bärbl,
Fini, Georg, Gerhard,
Angela and Selina
on 7th December 2012
Attending the Kathreintanzfest in Bad Gams
on 23rd November 2012
Visit to the cabaret 100 years Simpl in Vienna
on 17th November 2012/a>

Birthday of Helmut on 9th November 2012

36th Trachtenball on 3rd November 2012

Birthday of Mrs. Bäuchler on 19th October 2012

Birthday of Georg and Jakob on 12th October 2012

Aufsteirern on 17th September 2012

Birthday of Gerlinde, Andrea, Maria and Rosi on 7th September 2012

Birthday Harald Greiner on 17th August 2012

Schilchertage from 11th to 12th August 2012 with the italian Group Gruppo Folkloristico "Val Resia"

Summer party of Carina and Edi's on 15th July 2012

Welcome drink at the Styriarte from 6th to 8th July 2012

Birthday Edi, Margot, Hubert, Elisabeth, Margot and Sabine on 29th June 2012

Greek Festival at Samahof in Stallhof on 23rd June 2012

Excursion to Wernersdorf (St. Veit-Chapel, EMAUS-Chapel and Strutz Mill) on 16th June 2012

50th Birthday of Martin on 9th June 2012

Performance at Genussfestival in Stainz on 2nd June 2012

Birthday of Katja, Renate, Bernd, Florian, Gerhard and Peter on 25th May 2012

Attending the Weststeirische Volkstanzfest in Bad Gams on 16th Mai 2012

Performance at Demmerkogel (Sausal) on 11th Mai 2012

Cooking event on 4th May 2012

Maypole setup on 30th April 2012

Card-playing competition on 29th April 2012

Hiking tour on 28th April 2012

Plattler performance in Graberdorf/Gnas on 21st April 2012

Steirischer Abend on 14th April 2012

Easter beer hunt on 9th April 2012

ORF Radio Steiermark Broadcast "35 Jahre VTG Stainz" on 31st March 2012

General Assembly followed by celebration of 50th Birthday of Seppi on 18th March 2012

Birthday of Birgit and Felix on 9th March 2012

Sport event with a group of the music club Stainz on 26th February 2012

Birthday of Aaron on 17th Februrary 2012

Invitation by Alex, Tamara & Jakob & Sophie on 10th February 2012

Birthday of Carina, Katharina, Rita, Bernd and Stefan on 3rd February 2012

Steirerball of VTG St. Stefan on 21st January 2012

Bowling evening on 20th January 2012

Welcome party of Renate am 13th January 2012

Gang durch den Advent on 17th December 2011

Birthday of Bärbl, Fini, Gerhard and Hansi on 2nd December 2011

Visit to the musical Sister Act in Vienna on 20th November 2011

Birthday of Helmut on 18th November 2011

3 days in Schenna from 11th to 13th November 2011

35th Trachtenball on 5th November 2011

Preparations for our Trachtenball and birthday of Angela and Selina on 28th October 2011

Last dancing class on 23rd October 2011

China slideshow and birthday of Georg and Jakob on 14th October 2011

Aufsteirern am 18. September 2011

Preparations for Aufsteirern and birthday of Gerlinde, Maria and Rosi on 16th September 2011

Return visit by the folklore group UL.Ivar Aasen/Norway in Stainz from 8th to 15th August 2011

Welcome drink at the Styriarte on 9th July 2011

Birthday of Berndi, Christian and Clemens on 8th July 2011

Dance rehearsal with a school choir from Carinthia and some birthdays on 1st July 2011

Excursion to Eggenberg and Genussschule Steinbauer (train your senses) on 18th June 2011

Birthday of Bernd, Katja and Martin on 17th June 2011

Dance rehearsal and birthday of Florian, Gehard and Kurt on 27th May 2011

32nd Steirischer Abend on 30th April 2011

Maypole setup on 29th April 2011

Birthday of Christian and Peter on 15th April 2011

Card-playing competition on 10th April 2011

Cooking event on 20th March 2011

Annual genaral meeting on 13th March 2011

Ice stick shooting with a group of the music club Stainz on 13th February 2011

BORG prom of Katharina on 12th February 2011

Farewell party of Anna and Bernhard am 28th January 2011

Steirerball of VTG St. Stefan on 22nd January 2011

Birthday of Aaron on 21st January 2011

Gang durch den Advent on 18th December 2010

50th Birthday of Fini on 12th December 2010

Birthday of Angela, Bärbl, Hansi and Gerhard G. on 3rd December 2010

Presentation of our Norway pictures and invitation to Buschenschank Jud of travel agency Gerngross on 28th November 2010

34th Trachtenball on 6th November 2010

Birthday of Georg and Jakob on 22nd October 2010

Aufsteirern 2010 on 19th September 2010 in Graz

Folk dance performance at the I-KNOW conference on 2nd September 2010

Norway (performance at the open-air museum of Ålesund) on 22nd August 2010 (external link - (c) Hallstein)

Trip to Norway (Ålesund) from 16th to 29th August 2010 (Part 1)

Folk dance performance at the Schilchertage on 15th August 2010

Wedding of Rita and Roland on 17th July 2010

Welcome drink at the Styriarte on 11th July 2010

Rehearsal with drummers from Rwanda on 9th July 2010

Birthday of Elisabeth, Margot, Edi, Dominik and Mario on 2nd July 2010

Wedding-eve party of Rita and Roland on 20th June 2010

Birthday of Hubert and Sabine on 18th June 2010

Birthday of Martin on 11th June 2010

Birthday of Bernhard, Katja, Florian, Gehard and Paula on 21st May 2010

Birthday of Kurt on 15th May 2010

Weststeirisches Volkstanzfest in St. Martin on 1st May 2010

Maypole setup on 30th April 2010

Hunting museum, invitation of Maria und Peter for lunch, card-playing competition on 25th April 2010

Excursion to Vulcano ham and Gölles Schnapps Distillery & Vinegar on 17th April 2010

Cooking event on 16th April 2010

31st Steirischer Abend on 10th April 2010

Birthday of Anna, Birgit and Seppi on 26th March 2010

Annual general meeting on 7th March 2010

Birthday of Bernd, Katharina, Rita and Carina on 29th January 2010

Birthday of Aaron on 22nd December 2010

Final Christmas Event on 19th December 2009

Birthday of Angela, Bärbl, Fini and Gerhard on 11th December 2009

Filming for a school project and some dancing on 70th birthday of Mr. Bäuchler

33rd Trachtenball with guests from Schenna on 31st October 2009 neu!

Preparations for our Trachtenball und birthday celebration of Rosemarie on 23rd October 2009

Birthday of Larissa and Jakob on 9th October 2009

Aufsteirern 2009 on 20th September in Graz

Wedding of Andrea and Hansi on 12th September 2009 (Part 1: Ceremony)

Wedding of Andrea and Hansi on 12th September 2009 (Part 1: Schnalzen)

Poltern von Andrea und Hansi am 22. August 2009

Schilchertage 2009 with guests from Poland from 4th to 17th August 2009

Greece from 13th to 26th July 2009

Auftritt bei 140 Jahre MV Stainz am 27. Juni 2009

Tanzprobe und Geburtstagsfeier von Elisabeth, Sabine, Gerhard, Martin und Hubert am 26. Juni 2009

Einladung zum Studienabschluss von Anna und Bernhard am 6. Juni 2009

Geburtstagsfeier von Katja, Paula und Florian am 29. Mai 2009

Erzherzog Johann Volkstanzfest im Schloss Stainz am 20. Mai 2009

Pflanzen der Freundschaftseiche und Geburtstagsfeier von Joachim am 9. Mai 2009

Besuch der Hofkäserei Deutschmann in Frauental am 9. Mai 2009

"Wildkräuter" Kochabend mit Marlies Höfler am 5. Mai 2009

Preisschnapsen am 3. Mai 2009

Maibaumaufstellen am 30. April 2009

30. Steirischer Abend auf kleinezeitung.at

30. Steirischer Abend am 18. April 2009

Benefiz-Kabarett-Abend am 26. März 2009 (Buffetorganisation)

Mitgliederversammlung mit anschl. Geburtstagsessen von Anna, Aaron und Seppi am 8. März 2009

Geburtstagsfeier von Carina, Katharina und Bernd am 23. Jänner 2009

Gang durch den Advent am 20. Dezember 2008

32. Trachtenball im Stainzerhof Messner am 15. November 2008

Besuch des Martinifestes der VTG Klagenfurt-Wörthersee am 8. November 2008

Teilnahme am Folklorefestival in Resia-Udine-Italien am 26. Oktober 2008

Geburtstagsfeier von Larissa und Jakob am 17. Oktober 2008

Aufsteirern 2008 am 14. September in Graz

Geburtstagsfeier von Dominik, Maria und Rosemarie am 5. September 2008

Besuch der TRADITIONAL & FOLKLORE GROUP OF STIMAGA "THIAMIS" zu den Schilchertagen 2008

"100 Jahre Familie Wallner" am 4. Juli 2008

Polenreise von 20. bis 23. Juni 2008

Preisschnapsen am 18. Mai 2008

Geburtstagsfeier von Gerhard, Katja und Kurt am 16. Mai 2008

Maibaumaufstellen mit anschließender Geburtstagsfeier von Bernhard und Peter

Weststeirisches Volkstanzfest am 25. April 2008

Exkursion Zotter mit anschließender Einladung von Rita und Roland am 5. April 2008

29. Steirischer Abend am 29. März 2008

Geburtstagsfeier von Anna, Birgit und Seppi am 14. März 2008

Jahreshauptversammlung/Gruppenfoto am 2. März 2008

75 Jahr Feier von Carina und Bernd am 1. Februar 2008

Kochabend am 23. Jänner 2008

Gang durch den Advent am 22. Dezember 2007

Geburtstagsfeier von Bärbl und Gerhard am 7. Dezember 2007

Abschluss Moderntanzkurs am 16. November 2007

31. Trachtenball im Stainzerhof Messner am 3. November 2007

Basteln für den Trachtenball am 1. November 2007

Geburtstagsfeier von Jakob und Georg am 19. Oktober 2007

Aufsteirern in Graz am 16. September 2007

Besuch bei der Tanzgruppe von Kozármisleny von 7. Sept. bis 9. Sept 2007

Geburtstagsfeier von Larissa, Rosemarie, Maria und Gerlinde am 31. August 2007

Geburtstagsfeier von Andrea und Hansi am 19. August 2007

Auftritt bei den Schilchertagen am 12. August 2007

Geburtstagsfeier von Elisabeth, Edi, Sabine, Hannes und Hubert am 10. August 2007

Essig- und Schnapsverkostung am 1. Juni 2007

Preisschnapsen am 6. Mai 2007

Fußwallfahrt nach Osterwitz am 1. Mai 2007

Maibaumaufstellen am 30. April 2007

28. Steirischer Abend am 14. April 2007

30. Jahreshauptversammlung am 18. März 2007

Griechischer Tanzkurs am 2. und 9. Februar 2007

Kochabend am 14. Februar 2007

30. Trachtenball im Stainzerhof Messner am 4. November 2006

Aufsteirern in Graz am 17. September 2006

Spalier bei der Hochzeit von Bianca und Michi am 9. September 2006

Frankreichreise vom 20. August bis 28. August 2006

Auftritt bei den Stainzer Schilchertage am 13. August 2006

Geburtstagsfeier von Gerhard, Maria und Martin am 5. August 2006

Teilnahme am 1. Stainzer Kartrennen am 30. Juli 2006

Geburtstagsfeier von Elisabeth, Margot, Sabine und Hubert am 30. Juni 2006

Housewarming Party am 3. Juni 2006

Abendessen beim Weinhaus Stainz am 2. Juni 2006

Preisschnapsen am 21. Mai 2006

30 Jahre VTG Natternbach

Blutspendeaktion am 1. Mai 2006

Geburtstagsfeier von Peter am 28. April 2006

27. Steirischer Abend am 22. April 2006

Kochabend am 14. März 2006

Geburtstagsfeier von Birgit und Josef am 10. März 2006

Kegelabend am 3. März 2006

Faschingsumzug am 25. Februar 2006

Jahreshauptversammlung am 12. Februar 2006

29. Trachtenball im Stainzerhof Messner am 5. November 2005

Aufsteirern in Graz am 18. September 2005

Besuch der VTG KUD "Gradici" aus Kroatien zu den Schilchertagen 2005, Teil 1

Besuch der VTG KUD "Gradici" aus Kroatien zu den Schilchertagen 2005, Teil 2

Portugalreise vom 19. Juli bis 02. Aug. 2005, Teil 1

Portugalreise vom 19. Juli bis 02. Aug. 2005, Teil 2

Gruppenfoto im Bahnhofspark am 22. Mai 2005

Preisschnapsen beim Buschenschank Voltl am 22. Mai 2005

Weststeirisches Volkstanzfest am 20. Mai 2005

Maibaumaufstellen am 29. April 2005

Geburtstagsfeier von Peter Nöhrer am 22. April 2005, Teil 1

Geburtstagsfeier von Peter Nöhrer am 22. April 2005, Teil 2

Babyfeier von Andrea und Hansi, sowie Angela und Bernd am 9. April 2005

26. Steirischer Abend am 2. April 2005

VIDEO Faßlschwenker (9.14 MB)

Geburtstagsfeier von Anna, Birgit und Josef am 11. März 2005

Jahreshauptversammlung am 13. Februar 2005

Kochabend nach Anna Plochl am 28. Jänner 2005

Gang durch den Advent / Weihnachtsessen am 18. Dezember 2004

28. Trachtenball im Stainzerhof Messner am 6. November 2004

Geburtstagsfeier im SKH am 25. September 2004

Aufsteirern in Graz am 19. September 2004

Eine Woche mit der Gruppe aus Coimbra, Portugal vom 13. Aug. 2004 bis 20. Aug. 2004

Preisschnapsen im Buschenschank Voltl am 16. Mai 2004

Cafe Mexicano am 14. Mai 2004

Weststeirisches Volkstanzfest am 1. Mai 2004 (Ausklang)

Maibaumaufstellen am 30. April 2004

Steirischer Abend am 17. April 2004

Hochzeit von Peter und Eva am 4. April 2004

Jahreshauptversammlung am 07.03.2004

Kochabend am 12.02.2004

Auftritte 1977 bis 2001

Gruppenbilder aus den Jahren 1982 bis 2002

"Unsere" Musiker 1981 - 2003

Ausstellung "25 Jahre Volkstanzgruppe Stainz" in der Passage des Kaufhauses Hubmann - März 2002

Sonstige Aktivitäten